Digital Cashback is your perfect rewards system for loyal customers. Simply pay at participating points of sale or online shops and receive valuable free YEM (Your Everyday Money) in return. YEM is a leading digital currency for all kinds of payments and financial transactions.

Use your Digital Cashback for rewards like restaurant credits, hotel credits, and even all-inclusive vacation packages.


As a business owner, you are just 5 minutes away from giving Digital Cashback to your loyal customers on your website and/or at your point of sale.

For your online shop, simply register for free, upload your business details, enter a snippet of code on your website, and you are ready to rock. Just for signing up, you receive USD 1000 worth of Digital Cashback for your customers.

For your point of sale, it is even easier. Simply register as described above and you can start giving Digital Cashback to your customers. There is no special equipment and not even a software needed. Your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and/or desktop computer with Internet access become your easy-to-handle cashback device.

Start your free registration now:


As a customer, all you need is a SafeZonePass and a PerNum to receive Digital Cashback at participating businesses.

If you are not yet registered, simply open a digital wallet, verify your identity (KYC), and you are ready to receive your first Digital Cashback. There is no special card, equipment, and not even an app needed.

There is no special card, equipment, and not even an app needed. In fact, PerNumPay is the very first payment processor where you comfortably pay at the merchant’s website.

And even when you are at a point of sale and don’t have your mobile with you, you can easily receive Digital Cashback from the merchant’s device.

It is free to join, so start your free registration now: